1 Introduction

The RaggedExperiment package provides a flexible data representation for copy number, mutation and other ragged array schema for genomic location data. It aims to provide a framework for a set of samples that have differing numbers of genomic ranges.

The RaggedExperiment class derives from a GRangesList representation and provides a semblance of a rectangular dataset. The row and column dimensions of the RaggedExperiment correspond to the number of ranges in the entire dataset and the number of samples represented in the data, respectively.

2 Installation

if (!require("BiocManager"))

Loading the package:


3 RaggedExperiment class overview

A schematic showing the class geometry and supported transformations of the RaggedExperiment class is show below. There are three main operations for transforming the RaggedExperiment representation:

  1. sparseAssay
  2. compactAssay
  3. qreduceAssay