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Bad DESCRIPTION file, or INSTALL or BUILD of package failed
INSTALL or BUILD of package went OK
INSTALL or BUILD result is not available because of an anomaly in the Build System
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NO NO: Package was not propagated because of a problem (impossible dependencies, or version lower than what is already propagated)
UNNEEDED UNNEEDED: Package was not propagated because it is already in the repository with this version. A version bump is required in order to propagate it

A crossed-out package name indicates the package is deprecated

nebbiolo2Linux (Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS) / x86_64
palomino4Windows Server 2022 Datacenter / x64
lconwaymacOS 12.6.5 Monterey / x86_64
1/30annotation 1.25.1  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK  
2/30arrays 1.27.0  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK  
3/30BiocMetaWorkflow 1.23.0  (landing page)Mike Smith  OK    OK  
4/30BP4RNAseq 1.11.0  (landing page)Shanwen Sun  OK    OK  
5/30CAGEWorkflow   (landing page)... NOT SUPPORTED ...
6/30chipseqDB   (landing page)... NOT SUPPORTED ...
7/30csawUsersGuide 1.17.0  (landing page)Aaron Lun  OK    OK  
8/30cytofWorkflow 1.25.0  (landing page)Mark D. Robinson  OK    OK  
9/30EGSEA123 1.25.0  (landing page)Matthew Ritchie  OK    OK  
10/30ExpHunterSuite 1.9.0  (landing page)James Perkins  OK    OK  
11/30ExpressionNormalizationWorkflow 1.27.0  (landing page)Karthikeyan Murugesan  OK    OK  
12/30fluentGenomics 1.13.0  (landing page)Stuart Lee  OK    OK  
13/30generegulation 1.25.0  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK  
14/30GeoMxWorkflows 1.7.0  (landing page)Jason Reeves  OK    OK  
15/30highthroughputassays   (landing page)... NOT SUPPORTED ...
16/30liftOver 1.25.0  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK  
17/30maEndToEnd 2.21.2  (landing page)Stefanie Reisenauer  OK    ERROR  
18/30methylationArrayAnalysis 1.25.0  (landing page)Jovana Maksimovic  OK    OK  
19/30recountWorkflow 1.25.0  (landing page)Leonardo Collado-Torres  OK    OK  
20/30RNAseq123 1.25.0  (landing page)Matthew Ritchie  OK    OK  
21/30rnaseqDTU 1.21.1  (landing page)Michael Love  OK    OK  
22/30rnaseqGene 1.25.2  (landing page)Michael Love  OK    OK  
23/30RnaSeqGeneEdgeRQL 1.25.0  (landing page)Yunshun Chen  OK    OK  
24/30seqpac 1.1.0  (landing page)Daniel Natt  OK    OK  
25/30sequencing 1.25.0  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK  
26/30simpleSingleCell   (landing page)... NOT SUPPORTED ...
27/30SingscoreAMLMutations 1.17.0  (landing page)Dharmesh D. Bhuva  OK    OK  
28/30spicyWorkflow 1.1.0  (landing page)SOMS Maintainer  OK    ERROR  
29/30TCGAWorkflow 1.25.2  (landing page)Tiago Chedraoui Silva  OK    OK  
30/30variants 1.25.0  (landing page)Bioconductor Package Maintainer  OK    OK