Long tests report for BioC 3.8

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HostnameOSArch (*)Platform label (**)R versionInstalled pkgs
malbec1Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS)x86_64x86_64-linux-gnu3.5.1 Patched (2018-07-12 r74967) -- "Feather Spray" -1
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 NA  CHECK result is not available because of an anomaly in the Build System
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malbec1 Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) / x86_64 
1/4beachmat 1.4.0Aaron Lun OK 
2/4BiocParallel 1.16.2Bioconductor Package Maintainer WARNINGS 
3/4GenomicFeatures 1.34.1Bioconductor Package Maintainer WARNINGS 
4/4HDF5Array 1.10.1Hervé Pagès ERROR